There are many reasons people are moving their careers and activities back into the home, from convenience to an intense desire to avoid traffic. In today’s society where we are all “connected,” you can save time, money, and, in the case of physical and occupational therapy, sometimes pain.

Rehab Maxx in Chicago is an at-home physical therapy and home occupational therapy center. We were founded by four people passionate about helping you regain functionality and mobility after an injury, surgery, or even from a chronic condition. Our mission is to help you move better so you can live life to the fullest. We believe there are many advantages to in-home therapy services that we want to share with you today. Continue reading, and then contact us today to learn more!


  1. In-home therapy can be more effective. All of us are more comfortable in our homes. We learn better, we sleep better, and we try harder. When you partner with Rehab Maxx in the greater Chicago area for in-home physical therapy and home occupational therapy, we come to your home and bring everything with us that we will need to get you moving again.
  2. Makes travel unnecessary on someone struggling to move, which will lower their stress. In-home physical therapy and home occupational therapy is less stressful. Traffic can be a nightmare, and if you are running late to your PT or OT appointment, you are most likely stressed. You arrive ragged and in a rush and probably don’t process the first 10 minutes of your session because you are still so preoccupied with the guilt of having run late. Traveling is eliminated when Rehab Maxx in Chicago comes to you, relieving you of undue stress that can only put you further back on your road to recovery.
  3. Makes for more consistent care. Let’s face it, many of us make excuses not to go somewhere unless it is important to us because we don’t feel like it. There is no doubt that physical therapy and occupational therapy are work. Recovering from an injury, surgery, or pushing through a chronic condition takes time, practice, patience, and consistency. When you know someone will be showing up every week no matter what, you’ll be more prepared, will have more of your at-home instructions completed, and you won’t miss critical sessions because you don’t want to leave the house.
  4. Prevents falls and other injuries from occurring as patients scramble to make their physical or occupational therapy sessions. You are already struggling to move. When you have to get in a car and go to a healthcare facility when it’s hard to open and close the car door, or even step in and out of your vehicle, you could be at an increased risk of injury doing these activities while impaired. Rehab Maxx’s Chicago-area at-home physical therapy and home occupational therapy services eliminates these risks.
  5. Helps to mitigate pain since the patient is not moving as much. Getting a joint, a ligament, or your entire limb to move when it doesn’t want to can be painful. By eliminating travel to and from a healthcare facility, you will be helping to decrease your level of pain. Rehab Maxx wants you to focus on pushing through the pain during your PT or OT session, not doing so just getting here.
  6. Can have more motivation and a higher moral when you choose in-home care. When you work with one of Rehab Maxx’s stellar at-home physical therapist or home occupational therapist, you can see the results in your home. You can see yourself getting stronger going up and down your staircase. You can finally reach the top shelf of your refrigerator. You can bend down to pick up your cat. You can unload your dryer. When you see the little accomplishments that PT or OT is making in your daily life, you can be more motivated to push harder and continue towards your goal of independent living again. You will feel better being able to do the simple chores around your house again, instead of having to rely on your spouse or a loved one every time. 
  7. Can recover faster while at home. Research has shown time and time again that you can recover faster while at home. You get better sleep in your own bed. You are at less risk of becoming ill when you are not at a healthcare facility where a lot of sick patients frequent. You know where all of your items are. Your loved ones are around more. You have a rhythm to your day that is less stressful, and stress can delay healing.


Rehab Maxx in Chicago carefully screens our in-home physical therapist and home occupational therapists in order to ensure they meet our quality care standards. Besides being experienced in offering the best in-home physical therapy and home occupational therapy services, we are looking for compassionate people who have a heart for helping others. Contact us today to get started!