For some reason, there is a stigma in society associated with speech problems. If you are a great orator, you make history, such as the ancient Roman senator, Seneca, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, and John F. Kennedy. You are revered and admired for your ability to convey thoughts in words. However, if you aren’t very good with words, if you slur your speech, mumble, or otherwise have problems with articulation, you can be looked down upon.

Rehab Maxx serves the greater Chicago area with speech therapy services. For a number of reasons, you can develop speech problems, and we’re here to help. We offer in-home speech therapy services, or we can come to your senior center, nursing home, or assisted living center to help. Below, we’ll review just a few of the signs your loved one may need speech therapy. Contact us today to get started!


  1. Having problems requesting items. If you notice your loved one struggling to ask for or say the simplest requests, it may be time for at-home speech therapy by Rehab Maxx. Look for trouble asking for anything, such as passing the salt to asking for help to use the restroom.
  2. Having problems swallowing. Your vocal cords are muscles, and like any muscle, it can weaken. Your vocal cords can lose elasticity and make speaking difficult. One sign of a relaxation of the larynx muscles that Rehab Maxx in Chicago recommends that you watch out for is difficulty in swallowing. Your loved one could complain too of feeling like food is stuck in his or her throat or chest.
  3. Having problems managing households. Many times, we have to speak to others to manage our affairs, such as on the phone. While the internet has lessened this need, many seniors are still more comfortable picking up the phone and talking to someone in person to help them rather than on the computer. If you notice that important matters, such as finances, health, or personal matters are falling by the wayside, Rehab Maxx recommends you contact us in the greater Chicago area for a speech evaluation.
  4. Having problems to the point you doubt they could communicate effectively in the case of an emergency. When seniors’ safety becomes a concern, then it’s time to do something about it, no matter what the concern is. If your loved one is having speech problems to the point you doubt they could tell a 911 operator what the emergency is, then you need to contact your local at-home speech therapist, Rehab Maxx in Chicago, today. We can make a diagnosis and get a speech therapy and treatment plan in the works quickly. 


Whether your loved one has just suffered a stroke, is showing the beginning signs of dementia, or has suffered a head injury recently, Rehab Maxx can help. Our speech therapists are highly trained and skilled to help your loved one regain the ability to communicate effectively. Call today for a speech evaluation!